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Struggling To Find Love: All Men Are Not The Same

This story revolved around a lady called Jenifer. She has some kind of hatred for men because of how her father treated her mother. According to Jenifer, her father used to beat her mother at any little inconvenience. This caused her mother’s mental insanity. Jenifer always dreamt of a luxurious life with a lot of wealth. After so much hardworking and determination she ended up becoming a very rich young lady at age 25.
Jenifer had best friend called Sandra whom she trusted a lot. They shared everything together. Sandra’s prayer was that her friend should one day give men chance to love her. But all her hopes always went in vain. It became critical when Jenifer came one day to tell her that she had found a guy whom she thought was the best. Sandra was so happy to hear the news and even promised to be their wedding planner. After six months of dating Nicholas, Jenifer found out that Nicholas was already married with two kids. Jenifer became so devastated, anxious and furious as well. Her hatred for men extended. Sandra stood by her side console her until she was soothed. Jenifer promised never to love again, for her, men are nothing but hypocrites.
After two years, Jenifer was seriously disgraced by her formal classmate at an important meeting. She was humiliated. According to Ella, Jenifer was just sharing her body to boys younger to be her child instead of finding a man to marry. As for her she was happily married with two kids. She also told her that while her age mate praying for grandchildren, she was there jumping from one man to man. Those words really touched her a lot that she couldn’t stay to the meeting. She cried the whole day filled with shame and disgraced in the evening.
She requested from Sandra to accompany her to a night club. Jenifer did not like night club but at that time she taught it was the best time to do. Sandra too was not conversant with the ideas, but she had no choice. Both of them went to the club, at the club, Jenifer got drunk and was doing things she would never do in her normal senses. At a point, she moved to the washroom to ease herself, but on her way, she met a cute guy. They got attracted to each other as dunk as she was, she grabbed the guy with kissing. As we say, opportunity comes but ones, the guy also took advantage of the situation and they ended up having sexual intercourse.
With the help of Sandra, Jenifer jot home safely. But she couldn’t remember anything that happened at the club. Fortunately for her Sandra knew and saw everything. However, she decided not to tell her because she wouldn’t be happy to hear it. After three weeks, Jenifer started to fill uneasy, when she checked in the hospital the result was that of a pregnancy. She didn’t believe it, she went to another hospital but the same result. She became worried because she had never remembered having affair with any man. She started having some thoughts.
Later she called Sandra to let her know but she was surprised about Sandra reaction. This showed she knew something. She pleaded Sandra to tell her whatever she knew. Sandra had no choice to tell her the truth. She didn’t believe she did a thing like that. She started blaming herself for allowing a vagabond child to touch her. As good friend, Sandra promised to help her to find the boy and let him know about the pregnancy. But Jenifer disagreed with her and promised to take care of the child herself. Sandra insisted until she accepted her. They manage to know the guy’s house.
The first day in Frank’s house was like a war. Jenifer didn’t give him the chance to explain himself. She started accusing him for rape. Frank was trying to apologize but Jenifer didn’t want to hear anything from him. Sandra tried to calm both of them in order to deal with the issue at hand. Sandra told Frank about Jenifer’s pregnancy instead of Jenifer herself.
The next day, Frank visited Jenifer’s, but he was sacked like ragged dog. He didn’t give up, he talked to Sandra and begged her to talk to Jenifer for him that he wants to be part of the unborn child’s life. Sandra as comprehensive she was talked to her friend. Three days later, Frank came to Jenifer’s house with the help of Sandra. There, Frank requested to have a dinner with Jenifer which she accepted. At six o’clock in the evening both met in Palace restaurant where they had fun. According to frank, he was not a drunkard or irresponsible as Jenifer taught. He let her know the reasons why he came to the night club. He said , he was dating this girl called Anita, in whom he sacrificed everything he had to support her education. Frank said, he became financially constrained. But one day, he got a message that Anita was getting married to a man her family chose for her. He became frustrated and the only option he taught was to be drunk to death. There Jenifer felt pity for him and apologize for her behaviour.
Jenifer and Frank became close, they helped each other. She always called Frank to accompany her to the hospital. Jenifer even gave Frank an amount of 100 million to support his business. Sandra started to suspect her friend falling in love, but Jenifer denied.
After some months of being Frank’s friend, Jenifer started to develop some feelings for Frank. She tried to control it, but she couldn’t so , she started visiting Frank frequently which Frank really liked. Frank who was already in love with her to take the opportunity to proposed to her on her birthday. After some months, Jenifer gave birth to a baby boy, and they lived happily live aftermath.

SOURCE: Caroline(student)

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