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The Benefits And Misuses Of Mobile Phones In Modern Life

There have been many issues rising up each and everyday on the usage of mobile phones. Mobile phones, I must say, are essential and helps in many ways but how it is used determines whether the result will be positive or negative. Most at times, people, especially the youth, use mobile for things which are not relevant, and things mobile phones are not meant for and that has raised a doubt and some skeptics about its relevance in modern life. Below are some of the ways mobile phones are being misused.
Firstly, some people especially the youth, tend to use their mobile phones as a medium for watching pornographic videos and nudes. Through the internet and with the help of the mobile phones, these people download the pornographic videos and nudes. The watching of pornography does not only stimulate your sexual organs but also higher the rate at which an individual gets sexually aroused. Most of the people watch porn are not married hence they interest in relationships and try to convince their partners to have sex with them. By so doing, it can lead to teenage pregnancies, acquisition of sexually transmitted infections. Most at time when these people are not able to convince their opposite sex, they tend to masturbate. Research has also made it known that masturbation does not only weaken ones sexual organs but also makes one forget things easily especially in the field of academics.
Secondly, the cause of some accidents in the country is due to the use of mobile phones. A lady can be cooking at home and at the same time using her phone to browse and surf online. Due to this misconduct, she might forget the food on the electric gas cooker or even forget the water she’s heating in the kettle, and this can lead to fire outbreak which will result in loss f lives, properties and so on. Likewise, some drivers drive whilst using their mobile phones. By so doing they put the passengers and pedestrians life in danger. This is because, their focus is on the phone hence when there is a car coming or a blockage on the road, they might not see and just bump into it. In Africa, especially Ghana, it is known that about five percent of motor accidents occur as a result of the use of mobile phones by drivers while discharging their service.
Also, fraudster have also resorted to the internet by the help of mobile phones to extract monies from innocent people. They sometimes issue threat messages to put fear into their victims. Miscreants use the mobile phone to commit crimes by misleading people to wrong location and taking advantage of them.
Despite the above information about the misuse of mobile phones, there are benefits that mobile phones have brought us in this modern life. These benefits are listed below;
To begin with, mobile phones have made communication easier. In the olden days, people had to walk miles just to pass on an information to their relatives but now by the use of mobile phone and with the aid of internet service providers, communication have been made easier. Now, people all over the world can communicate with one another on the various social media platforms like WhatsApp, twitter, messenger etc.
In addition, the use of mobile phones has made resources easier. In this modern life, when a person needs information about something, there’s no need in asking people since he/she can get accurate answer from the various search engines and browsers. Some students use the internet wisely by the help of the mobile phones to get educational information to help them in their course of studies.
Last but not the least, financial transactions have been improved drastically with the advent of mobile phones. Now, people can send money, pay fees and other bills with ease. There’s no need moving from one place to the other to make any forms of transaction. This is well enjoyed by the use of mobile phones.
Conclusively, people who misuse mobile phones must be sanctioned because the mobile phone has become a very important item in the lives of people all around the world.

SOURCE: Tettey Deborah Abena

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