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Students of UDS-WA Campus Carry Out Impactful Clean-Up Exercise in Communities

University for Development Studies students in Damango and Canteen, Ghana, organized a clean-up exercise to contribute to community development and prevent diseases.

Students of UDS-WA Campus Carry Out Impactful Clean-Up Exercise in Communities

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m., a group of enthusiastic students from the UDS-WA campus embarked on a mission to showcase their university’s unwavering commitment to a developmental project in Damango.

This project focused on the much-needed rejuvenation of the Canteen and its surrounding areas, which had been long neglected and in dire need of attention. As the students arrived at the designated location, their energy and determination were palpable. Armed with gloves, brooms, and garbage bags, they were ready to take on the task at hand.

The local community members looked on in awe, marvelling at the sight of these young individuals, driven by a sense of purpose and a desire to make a tangible difference in their surroundings. One person in particular, a diligent policeman who patrolled the area, was taken aback by the students’ passion and dedication. He had witnessed countless initiatives in the past but had rarely seen such genuine commitment from a group of young individuals.

Approaching the students, he expressed his admiration and gratitude for their selfless efforts in developing the canteen community. The clean-up initiative was well-planned and involved various activities to rejuvenate the area. The first task on their agenda was to clear the blocked gutters that had caused frequent flooding during the rainy season. Working together seamlessly, the students unclogged the drains, ensuring a smoother flow of water and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases for the community.

Next on their list was the removal of stubborn weeds that had overtaken the once vibrant pathways of the canteen area. With each tug and pull, the students restored the beauty of the surroundings, revealing the hidden charm that had been overshadowed for far too long. The locals, witnessing this transformation, couldn’t contain their joy and gratitude for the positive change that was unfolding before their eyes.

Finally, the students took on the task of tidying up the community and picking up trash and litter accumulated over time. With each piece of garbage they collected, it became increasingly evident that their efforts were not just about physical cleanliness but also about instilling a sense of pride and responsibility within the community members. As the sun reached its zenith, the students stood back to admire their handiwork. The once neglected and desolate canteen area now shone with newfound vibrancy and life. The local community members couldn’t help but express their heartfelt appreciation to the students, recognizing the impact of their work on their daily lives.

In conclusion, the UDS-WA campus students showcased their university’s commitment to a developmental project in Damango by organizing a remarkable clean-up initiative in the Canteen and its surrounding areas. Through their tireless efforts in clearing blocked gutters, removing stubborn weeds, and tidying up the community, they not only transformed the physical landscape but also inspired a sense of unity and pride within the community. The gracious acknowledgement from the surprised policeman further validated the students’ dedication and reaffirmed the importance of such initiatives in fostering positive change.

According to the assemblyman of the canteen (Mr. Adam Mohammed), the students numbering thirty-two(32) upon their arrival in the community announced their intention to him and sought his maximum support which he did not hesitate to secure gloves, mouth mask, rake cutlasses and other equipment from Zoom-lion Ghana
“ The exercise was well timed since the rainy season is almost due. This will help avert flooding and prevent, outbreaks of diseases such as malaria, cholera, diarrhoea and other diseases”. He further said, “The assembly in partnership with traditional leaders are taking pragmatic steps to sustain the clean-up exercise every Saturday”.

A student who spoke to Iconzplay multimedia said “On our first survey in 2018 in this community, it was obvious to note that, malaria is the most prevalent case and most farm animals such as sheep, goats and pigs die as a result of chewing rubbers containing food. Precisely, it has been in our plan to bring safety to human life and farm animals”. He added, “I am happy our plan did not stay as a dream but then has been implemented today by the help of the assemblyman, traditional leaders, zoom-lion and the community members”.

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Author: Mensah Kingsley


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