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Download MP3: Pure Grace – Adom[Produced by Jazzie Jazzie]

The brand name is Pure Grace, and the title of the Gospel highlife song is “ADOM“.

Peter Akwetey, a talented and versatile musician, renowned for his soulful and captivating melodies, has recently blessed his fans and music enthusiasts with his latest single, “ADOM.” Produced by the brilliant and renowned duo Jazzie Jazzie and Jusinoplay, this track promises to be a sensational addition to Peter Akwetey’s already impressive discography. “ADOM” is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends various musical elements, creating a harmonious fusion of genres such as gospel, afro beats, and contemporary R&B.

The song showcases Peter Akwetey’s exceptional vocal prowess, drawing listeners in with his rich and velvety tones. In this captivating composition, Peter Akwetey explores the theme of divine grace and blessings, showcasing his profound faith and gratitude towards the Almighty.

The lyrics of “ADOM” are intricately crafted, conveying a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the indomitable power of grace. Produced by the highly acclaimed Jazzie Jazzie and Jusinoplay, “ADOM” boasts a flawlessly orchestrated arrangement, with each musical element perfectly complementing Peter Akwetey’s heartfelt lyrics.

The track starts with a gentle piano melody, gradually building up to a crescendo of vibrant percussion and infectious beats, creating an irresistible rhythm that will have listeners swaying and tapping their feet in no time.

Peter Akwetey’s unparalleled vocal performance is undeniably the highlight of “ADOM.” His voice effortlessly glides through the song’s melodies, effortlessly hitting high notes with precision and control. The emotional depth and sincerity conveyed through his vocals will undoubtedly resonate with listeners on a profound level, evoking a sense of introspection and spiritual connection. Furthermore, the production quality of “ADOM” is nothing short of exceptional.

Jazzie Jazzie and Jusinoplay’s expertise shines through in every aspect of the track, from the crisp and crystal-clear sound to the seamless integration of different musical layers. The production team’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each instrument and sound is perfectly balanced, creating an immersive and captivating listening experience.

As “ADOM” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Peter Akwetey’s popularity and acclaim in the music industry are bound to soar to new heights. His ability to create music that transcends genres and resonates with people from all walks of life is a testament to his artistry and talent. With this latest release, Peter Akwetey has once again showcased his ability to touch hearts and uplift spirits through his music.

Peter Akwetey’s new single “ADOM” is a testament to his exceptional musical abilities and unwavering faith. With its powerful message, flawless production, and soul-stirring vocals, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of listeners. As Peter Akwetey continues to grace the music industry with his talent, the future holds endless possibilities for this gifted artist.

The Gospel highlife song ADOM which was released on Thursday 5th December 2019 has some good recommendations and some strong anticipation from some of the world’s prolific sound engineers from the diasporas, especially the United Kingdom (UK) and some of the award-winning Gospel artists and the top music industry players in Ghana.

Jazzie Musik from the United Kingdom said, “I have listened to the final Work and it is very good, Congratulations.”

In an interview with journalist, Peter Akwetey ( PureGrace) said that what really inspired him to write this new single song ADOM was the name of Jesus Christ, He said, “I love the name of Jesus Christ so much”. He also said that, With a little research, he has realised that a whole lot of people don’t understand the authority in the name of Jesus and the meaning of the name Jesus Christ.

The name Jesus means “Johovah-Saved” and because it is God who is doing the saving, then it means that salvation is not by our own self-efforts or anything we have done but everything is by God’s amazing grace. ADOM means the “Unmerited favour of God.”

Peter said, “We choose to lift up the name of Jesus to explain the grace of God and that is the reason why we chose the title ADOM.”

Pure Grace also graced some of the biggest Gospel stages in Ghana, He performed at a collaborative event between the Social Warfare and Community Development unit and All African University Television in observation of World Mental Health Day 2019 which was held in Tema for all Senior High Schools in the Tema metropolis. He also performed at the just ended ten year anniversary of FootprintsTV Poolside Praise at the University of Ghana Campus with some of the award-winning gospel celebrities in Ghana

Apart from the new Single ADOM, Peter Akwetey (Pure Grace) has two powerful songs to his credit, this songs are “WONDERS” and “YOUR BABY”

Peter Akwetey (Pure Grace) is a Teacher of the Gospel, an engineer, a reporter and a Musician, Peter’s vision is to share the Gospel through creative arts and encourage the youths to hold on to the Gifts that God put in them and also work hard to project every form of Wholesome Christian Entertainment in the music industry.

Peter Akwetey is the founder of a creative group called Vivlosfest.

Vivlosfest Gospel group basically focus on Preaching and teaching the Gospel through songs, Poetry, Drama, Dance, choreography and Christ culture. We have a faithful and loyal family called the Pure Grace Family which seeks to inspire and connect our generation to Christ.

Also, We hold an annual evangelistic conference called Pure Grace Conference with the sole purpose of teaching and liberating people with the new covenant truth of the Cross of Christ.

Peter Akwetey studied Science at Ghanata Senior High School, Dodowa and later offered Civil Engineering as a course at Cape Coast Technical University. He also had his national service with the Tema Metropolitan Assembly and He is currently working as a reporter with the Ghana News Agency.

He also organised a Charity concept called “Eat This Gospel” Eat This Gospel is his personal charity project which seeks to help the poor and the needy in our villages and deprived communities.

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